Ernie Banks – “How To Bat”

Where I grew up, in central Illinois, there was one question that inevitably came up whenever you met someone new. The answer was central to your identity, and could make or break friendships. The question was: Cubs or Cards? My family came down firmly on the Cards side. We had a completely irrational hatred for everything Cubbie, and reveled in their perpetual failure. The Lou Brock trade? Haw haw! But even the most rabid Cards fan had to respect first-ballot hall of famer and lifelong Cub Ernie Banks. I got to meet him at a parade when I was 10 or 11 years old, and I got his autograph. In honor of Ernie Banks’ passing today, here is an interview with him from the early 60s in which he gives the youngsters some batting tips. This is from a 45 released by the Topps baseball card/bubblegum empire. It has Stan Musial on the other side!